Something Worth Repeating

by No Division

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released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


No Division Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: The Torments That Keep Us Apart
Constantly forgetting something you said about something that meant, meaning less and less. Struck by then stuck by my salivating apathy that paralyzes me from every feeling. You still can't see me and what I'm covering. I couldn't stand to see you there. I couldn't look myself in the mirror. So you dropped out of school and I quit my job and our scarred hearts retreated somewhere. These feelings won't stop fleeting while you're suffering. So you'll go as you always do. Slow down this heart beat. It's true, I liked you enough to miss you.
Track Name: Wallowing
it's so cold and everyone's tired. i'm a long way from home and i don't know when i'll go. i heard you say something worth repeating. might have beens or wishful thinking. in the end i'll be thinking of you dear friend. free from the binds that bound and tension. i hope i never have to let you go. it's so cold and everyone's lonely. i saw us wallowing in uncertainty and let the currents take us out to sea. but it's so much worse than it seemed. the kids on my street haunting this town like the shadow haunting me now. i hope i never have to let you go. you're nothing to me but a memory that's constantly reoccurring.
Track Name: No Light, No God
i saw no light. i saw no god. when the sky opened up i was showered in darkness from a black sun. and it's rained for days. the cold came back. i went away and you changed your name. i saw no light. i saw no god. no control of yourself. the world spat you out. where do you turn now? you lead the way underground where your bones hold no more shame. no sound.
Track Name: Your Fallacy
i was the fourth of third and the first of none. came out of the earth and spat from the sun. carried by the current that drowned my best friend and washed up ashore from a frozen ocean. irony circulates and ghosts haunt your home. i turned to find you there standing alone. wishfully elated waiting for a world to end and begin again. i was the sympathy for a funeral of friends and the apathy when we burned those bridges. when actually they never cared to stay. you let the flood gates up. forever take you away. i hope you see what this has done to me. an avalanche. an ether dream. you claimed me esoteric. hypocrisy. now i can see whole heartedly your fallacy.